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Founder of Athena art arena.

V.P.Verma is one of the most admired artist. Known for his creativity and hard work. Belong to Kurukshetra, he is known for his cartoons. His creations were published in number of national magazines and news papers. Number of Govt. institutions has appreciated his work specially in model and mural making. 

He is having wast experience in commercial art. He is specialized in canvass oil and acrylic paintings, Multimedia Paintings, Safety poster designing, Models, Murals, Advertising, Cartooning, Statues, Tableau,  Theatrical Presentation.

V.P.Verma keeps on adding new ideas in his work. He also train the up coming artist by involving them in number of projects. Today he is managing a team of artist and job workers helping him in the completion of Govt. and private projects. 

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V.P.Verma, Founder athenaartarena.com cartoonist artist painter
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